A lighting industry leader for over 25 years, Magtech Industries offer its customers a proven history of product satisfaction. Magtech specializes in desktop adaptors, LED power supply, LED drivers and continues to innovate with new solutions in emergency lighting.

Magtech’s success is rooted in its track record of putting their clients at the center of each decision they make. Their focus on product longevity, innovation and customization are difference makers when choosing a lighting solution provider.

Magtech Industries and Imtron Electronics have been partners in supplying the lighting market since 2005. Our long-term relationship has enabled us to work closely with both Magtech and our customers to bring them the best design solutions in the lightning industry.

LED Drivers

In today’s marketplace, quality, value and speed-to-market are essentials. Specializing in wall-mount, desktop adaptors, LED power supply and LED drivers, Magtech’s highly skilled production team ensures all their products meet those criteria, along with consistency, flexibility and integrity. Magtech’s MCA, Q-series, and QM-series are top quality supplies which will keep you compliant to UL8750 Supplement SF. The clause requires the control circuit be separated, or, isolated from all other circuits of the LED drivers with integral wired controls, such as those which adopt 0-10V dimming. This new standard will take place early Nov. 2020.

Emergency Lighting Drivers

Magtech makes Emergency Lighting Drivers that, once installed in LED lighting fixture, can operate both in normal and emergency modes. In the event of a power failure, the Emergency Equipment switches to the emergency mode using the built-in battery. The battery operates to provide required light output for a minimum of 90 minutes. The unit contains a high-temp recyclable Ni-Cad battery, battery charging circuit, and converter circuit in a single enclosure. It is available in different mounting configurations for individual fixture requirements. Optional wireless testing and reporting system is also available.

Zigbee Devices

Magtech’s TRIAC/ELV Dimmable LED drivers use wireless Zigbee protocol. With dimming curve options and color temperature control, you can select the settings for your application. CC and CV output 4 in 1 dimming (TriAC/ ELV/ 0-10V/ PWM). Magtech’s Q series is ZigBee-ready with a built-in LED driver, featuring 4-in-1 DC Dimming for use with multiple controls.

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